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Rags to Riches - The Gillespie Shield Story Writing

The Gillespie Shield is for achievement in writing in P7 and this year the award went to Faye Halliday.  

The Walfred family.  The pristine Walfred family. Everyone adored them. Everyone wanted to be them.

Walter Walfred (known as Walt by his golfer friends), who surprisingly was the best of a bad bunch. Liliana (the mother) oh was she repulsive she would always boss everyone around with her cooking and cleaning orders. But, no person, no thing could knock Matilda Walfred off the podium of terror. She was pretty, she was kind and she was considerate however to Dahlia she was wicked she was malicious but most of all she was ordering.

Someone I didn’t talk to you about was Dahlia, the black sheep of the family. They hated her so much that when Dahlia was only the age of twelve she was sent down to the cellar only to come up for supper. Her “room” was humid, mouldy, dark and cold, however it was all she had in life. This was her life. But who said you couldn’t run away from life. So she got her money, she got her few things and now Dahlia is running away. “I’ve had enough, I’m leaving!” Dahlia screeched. As she stomped out of the cold dark mansion hoping to never return.

“NO you’re not. You can’t live without us and you know I’m right!” wailed Matilda right back.

“SLAM,” she had left all by herself. She was alone. She was tired, she was scared but most of all she was hungry. But the as if by magic she turned her head and the first thing she saw was…A BAKERY!!

“Ding, Ding, Ding!” went the bakers service bell.

“Hello… is anybody there?” Dahlia inquired with doubt.

“Halloo?” replied a jolly man with an authentic Norwegian tone. “How do you do?”

“I’m fine, thank you but I need job would you be able to help me?” Dahlia was confused after she mentioned this one of the baker’s eyebrows seemed to lift.

“Okie dokie, come ahead!” the baker replied.

She baked for a week, everything was alright but I didn’t feel right. This wasn’t her true passion. So she set off once again. “Goodbye now!” the baker announced (rather emotionally), she was leaving once again.

The next person Dahlia encountered was a writer. She was trembling sadly along the pavement.  When she happened to bump into a lady with stacks of books as high as a mountain. After Dahlia helped the lady up and with her books, they got to talking. Once they sat down after 10 minutes into the conversation everything was fine until, everything went dark! Dahlia coudlnt see she was lost in pit of darkness. Until she could see again it was as if she blind and had been cured. She soon realised that she had just fallen asleep and had really just woken up. The lady seemed to have just left Dahlia anxiously in case she would woke her if she went rambling on.

Everything was the same, nothing had changed. She might as well just have stayed back at the old, sad Walfred house. But little did Dahlia know how things could get much much worse for this young girl.

Dahlia was wandering along the shady, emotionless streets, when she came along an alley way that seemed to lead into pure black darkness. When unexpectedly a mysteriously shadow started emerging from the spine shivering darkness.

“Hello there!”, came a voice.                                                                                                                                              “Hello…?”  she replied. All of a sudden she knew what was about to happen as if she had super sense. Then the adrenaline kicked in, she was in fight or flight mode, and she chose flight!  She ran as fast as a track star; she was as scared as a horror movie character.

She looked around her shoulder there was a gang of 7 kids (around the age of 15) chasing after her. She looked round the street hoping that she would have a place to hide and shelter. Then it was a bright lit up shop with many workers in it that would be able to help her after this mess.

“DING, DING, DING!” went the service bell. Dahlia had never felt better. The people in the shop were kind, loving and artistic like her. She soon discovers that this bright loving shop turned out to be a clothing store (that was eco-friendly). Dahlia asked for a job and they kindly accepted her with love, and after a few months Dahlia was able to get herself an apartment and live her life.

The moral of the story is to follow your heart and to never give up trying to find your passion and what you love, and to appreciate the people who you really love and understand you!


The end by Faye