Welcome to Harding Memorial Integrated Primary School
Do you have a child due to start P1 in September 2024?
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Preparing For School

Children should look forward to starting school - it is an enjoyable, colourful and interesting place, so always emphasise the enjoyment to be had at school and the interesting things that are done there. 

If you are passing by the school while out walking, stop and let your child see the building and the children in the playground.  Bring your child to the School Fair or meet a friend coming home in the afternoon.  All this will make your child more familiar with the building and the school routine.

Parents share with the school an important responsibility in helping their children to achieve their potential.  Some of the ways in which parents can supplement the school programme are:

Share an interest in reading with your children.  Read to them and discuss with them the books they are reading

Encourage questions.  Help your children find books or other sources which can provide answers rather than attempting to answer all the questions yourself.