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Why Choose Harding?

We at Harding Memorial Integrated Primary School understand that this is an exciting yet sometimes worrying time in your child’s life. How do you know if this is the right school for your child?  How will they settle in?  We look forward to meeting you and your family in the near future.

  • If you know of someone who has a child reaching Primary School age in September please encourage them to contact the school office at their earliest possible convenience for additional information.


7 Reasons To Choose Harding Memorial Integrated Primary School

1. Learning: At Harding Memorial we aim to put our children at the centre of their own learning and place great emphasis on their acquisition of essential English, Maths and ICT. We aim to bring the curriculum alive and make relevant links between children's learning and real life.

2. A Friendly Atmosphere: Visitors to our school always notice how welcome they are made to feel. Harding Memorial aims to make everyone feel welcome, both children and parents. The school aims to work alongside parents in order to make school a positive and enjoyable place for the children to learn.

3. Children Taking Responsibility: We have an established Pupil Council to enable the children to have a say in the running of their own school. In this way, our children have a greater sense of belonging, become more confident when putting forward ideas and develop a greater understanding of the need to work co-operatively for the good of others.

4. After School Clubs: At Harding Memorial we have a wide variety of after school activities which are sporting, musical and creative. We like to encourage the children to try new things and take part in lots of different activities. These internal opportunities are supplemented by private coaches and tutors who offer sessions after school

5. The Parent Teacher and Friends Association: We have a very active P.T.F.A. who organise all sorts of events throughout the year, the May Fair, for example, and a variety of other events from School Discos to Quizzes. We really appreciate all the work they do to forge links and to help raise money for the school.

6. ICT: All of our classrooms have Interactive Whiteboards which are an invaluable resource to enhance learning opportunities and support children's learning styles. The children love to take part in class and they are a great way of making learning fun. We also have a well equipped ICT suite with computers, laptops and ipads for the children to work on as well as computers in each of the classrooms. The children get to participate in a wide range of ICT activities using cameras, making videos and designing presentations which can be displayed on our school website.

7. The Staff: We have high expectations not just for our children but ourselves too! At Harding Memorial we have a dedicated and experienced staff who aim to deliver a quality education in a way that is fun and that engages with the children. We have a wide range of talents and skills throughout the staff and aim to utilise these to enhance the children’s learning experience.