Welcome to Harding Memorial Integrated Primary School
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Our School Aims

The school aims to provide a caring ethos, and seeks to value the worth of each child while recognising and taking account of differences in ability and environment. Specifically, the Principal and staff will work in partnership with the Board of Governors to do the following:

To ensure that each child at Harding Memorial Integrated Primary School receives a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum in accordance with The Education Order (Northern Ireland) 2007

To provide a secure, happy, atmosphere and a stimulating environment in which children can learn effectively

To recognise talents and cater for individual differences so that each child can reach his/her full potential

To encourage each child to become confident and independent and to develop a sense of responsibility and a positive self-image

To foster an attitude of mutual respect among all members of the school community - children, staff and parents - and a caring attitude towards the environment

To promote partnership between the school, parents and the wider community

To encourage children to recognise the value of developing a healthy mind and body to foster, within each child, a positive self-image.